Friday, January 22, 2010

Knitting rules for injury prevention

While searching the net for a knitting aid in Africa (regarding a short novel I've just started to write) I bumped into this:

Rules for injury prevention
1. To prevent injury, start with a basic training schedule

2. Never knit or crochet when you have a current injury
3. Stop knitting or crocheting immediately there is any pain. Always work in a pain free range.
4. Stop knitting or crocheting when you feel fatigued and are recruiting other muscles to help continue your work
5. Knit and crochet in good light to avoid eye strain
6. Maintain good posture while you knit or crochet

I can tell you that I have all of those rules.
  1. I'm a "full speed ahead" kind of person. I started to knit thinking "full speed ahead", sitting for hours. I still do.
  2. Due to the knitting, I got pains in my right hand and arm. Of course I continued to knit. (And took herbal drugs to cool down the inflammation.)
  3. Ah, crap - or as athletes use to say "No pain, no gain".
  4. Eh, stop knitting? Whot? No! Nooo! NOOO!
  5. Light? What's that? I live in Scandinavia and this time there's no light. (And my boyfriend prefer to watch tv with the light turned down, is it okay to blame him for the lack of light? Yes?)
  6. Good posture? You mean like this?

Why I'm blog in English

Some may wonder why I'm blogging in English when I'm actually Swedish. Well, there's two reasons:

  1. I do need to practice on my English
  2. I'm terrified of writing in Swedish. 
The second reason is the biggest one. I have a writers cramp and the press I sense every time I try to type anything at all in my native language are crushing. The funny thing is that the problem doesn't occur at all wile writing English. Wierd.